Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Helpful tips for pocket folder printing

There are some inherent pocket folder printing ideals that basically determine whether or not your end product will be effective for a planned marketing effort. It is important for these considerations to be adhered to regardless of if the pocket folders will be personally printed or if the job will be outsourced.

The first rule of pocket folder printing is to think beyond what is commonplace. You will want your folders to attract maximum attention from the potential clients. The pocket folder printing must thus be done after much forethought as to what will most ideal for the situation at hand. Your creativity must however not infringe on the pocket folders’ usability. Pocket folder printing is also about giving allowance for bleeds and 1/8” on all sides will give adequate trim-to-size space. Another critical aspect of pocket folder printing has to do with being relevant to the intended function. The end product must look the part e.g. for advertisement purposes, or promotional purposes, or marketing purposes etc.

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